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- FoxIdo is Progressive Rock/Metal band- Solo Artist, from every where { temporarily staying in } Alexandria/ Egypt, these few tracks are from his demo album "Life: The touchable dream...". The idea of FoxIdo was first originated In 2001 By M.Mahfouz "MyzzyM" who decided to start a new band project after the dissolution of his first band (Raconda) which was formed in 1998 and disbanded after 2 years in the summer of 2000.

..." I'm searching for any contributive Labels & Artists, not specifically from some certain place ( or Country ), I'll be so honored to work with, wishing that they like my taste in music and have similar approaches "...Myzym

MyzzyM: Lead Guitars & Vocals...all instruments.

Cell# 002/ 01225568043


January 7th, 2013 + 2:01 PM  ·  MyzzyM

Hi friends, fans and folks...

i'm currently in the recording process of my first solo album, after being demo accepted by some European Rock record label, they listened to my demo and liked it, and asked for a full length album...

i'm currently gathering all my information, experience, skills and knowledge: of sound engineering, music and art; focusing on my songs, production, as ill be doing all by my self, from the string strumming till mix-down.

i really wish that you will like my final outcome, and will be in serious need for your comments...positively or negatively, i think all will be for the best.

Thanks brothers,

The Verdict {Demo}

January 6th, 2013 + 6:01 PM  ·  MyzzyM

Written & Composed by
M.Mahfouz- MyzyM

...this is from my demo album {Life: the touchable dream...}.

We are the people,
We are the flames,.
We are the victims of today, of tomorrow...and yesterday.

Appeal THE VERDICT of the LIGHT.

With all the love and respect,

Lies [Demo]

January 6th, 2013 + 12:01 PM  ·  MyzzyM

Written & Composed by
M.Mahfouz 'Myzym"

...this is from my demo album {Life: the touchable dream...}.

*Lies- Live   {Wait for the solo    }

My gear in this song was:

Ibanez {S.Serious} custom made, and Korg Multi-Effects,
Technics {Electric Piano},
Fruity Loops, drum programming & Synthesizers,
Cheap-Cort {Bass Guitars},
Radio Shack { Mic 4 Vocals },
MixCraft 2, my DAW { at this time }.

Hey Luda {Demo}

July 24th, 2011 + 8:07 PM  ·  MyzzyM

Hey Luda
Written & Composed by
M.Mahfouz {MyzzyM}

Hey Duda, Can't you see the rock man in bleeding ?
                Can't you see me crying and tearing ?
                Here in my heart,
                Deep in my heart.
Hey Luda, Can't you see the rock man in bleeding ?
                Can't you see me crying and tearing ?
                Fear in my heart,
                Deep in my heart.

You can listen to the Full Length Hey Duda here :

Come with Me (Mem.Rehrs)

February 17th, 2009 + 9:02 PM  ·  MyzzyM

Come With Me ( Memorial Rehearsal -Demo )
Written & Composed by
M.Mahfouz (MyzzyM)

                                         ...{ This is the instrumental demo version }...          " Main myspace "

Tocsin( Instrumental)Demo

February 11th, 2009 + 5:02 PM  ·  MyzzyM

Tocsin ( Instrumental ) - Demo
Written & Composed by

*Live Version:

...from demo album " Life : The touchable dream..." ,
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